zondag 30 oktober 2011

Sincere apology!

Dear readers.

I am so so sorry for the lack of updates! Had a very very busy time! Had to work all week and the week before was all about social events. Went to Brussels with 2 of my friends, went to Primark again, and so much more!

I will post again tomorrow with a little more and more interesting news and pictures. Outfitposts and New in-posts are on their way! That's a promise!


vrijdag 7 oktober 2011

The woman who needs no introduction

Marilyn Monroe..

When I was just a little girl I used to worship her, and to be honest I still do. In my last year of high school I had to write a paper and the choice of subject was my own, of course I decided to write about Marilyn.  And I loved it, went to the library to find books, searched the internet for pictures and info, read interviews, watched movies...
And now I am waiting, and waiting and waiting.. Because there's been an announcement that a movie will be released about the life of Marilyn! And I can't wait, I'm so curious!! Michelle Williams is going to interpret the role of Marilyn and I happen to adore her! So I'm happy and I cannot wait! Now, why am I sharing this with you? I wanted to show some pictures of Marilyn with you guys. She is so unbelievably inspirational!

First, Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and the trailer of the movie.

Left; Marilyn Monroe   Right; Michelle Williams (Doesn't she look really good?)

My god.. That curves! Wish I had a body like hers

donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Sooo, I promised you my new purchases! And here they are.

These cowboy-ish booties walk like little angels. The heel isn't that high which makes it the perfect pair to look feminine without any effort.

I am just simply in love with these black beauties. They are so simple but the heel, the zipper on the back, the way the nose isn't pointy and isn't round.. Okay, I guess it's clear, just love 'em!

Last but not least, The skirt.
I own this skirt in fake leather too and I love the way it fits me, so I thought; why wouldn't I also buy this variant..

Black heels; New Look
Beige booties; Bershka
Skirt; H&M

woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Hello my dears!

What's with the weather lately in our little country? Strangely enough we got a little summer in the first few days of octobre and now we are suddenly moving so fast to fall that I don't know what to wear. Tights and little skirts? Thick jeans, winter coats and scarfs? Summerdresses and bare legs? Flip flops? Furry boots? I have lost it!

So I find myself combining all of the above in one outfit every day. So that's my explanation for my outfit of today. One big-ass scarf, thin thights with shorts, blazer and booties.


Also, I wanted to show you something else but now it's to dark to take good pictures. Thank god I made a preview for u guys this afternoon. Because I bought 2 pairs of new shoes a few days ago that I wanted you to see.

I also bought a new skirt, that I will show tomorrow too. But for now this is it!
Stay tuned :)!
Have a nice evening you!