donderdag 27 september 2012


Mehh, I am so disappointed right now! Remember my order at The shoes and the skirt in sale? Received the package today but it only included the skirt! The shoes apparently were out of stock when packing my order. Bummer, just when I thought I had found the perfect basic black sandals.. And that's not all, the skirt doesn't fit! It's a size Small (and I had my doubts when ordering) and it seems it should have been a size Medium.

Because I was so sorry for myself I treated myself with a leather jacket. A nice, basic, real leather one. I own a fake leather jacket that I still have the hots for (this one), but sometimes I find it a bit too short in the back. This one;

You'll probably see it soon on the blog!

By the way, if you're interested in the skirt, of course I am willing to sell it to you. I will wait for a few days with sending it back.

dinsdag 18 september 2012

On its way -

A few days ago I placed an order at I have been searching for a (fake) leather skirt for ages. Some of you might know I already own one (wearing it here) but it's kinda getting too small for me, or I'm getting too big for the skirt.. Aaanyway, I was searching for another one. Both of my purchases were found in Sale, so prices were low.. very low!

This is the Lina skirt, half fake leather and half not. Down from 34,95 to 9,95. Hope it will fit!

These basic beauties are called 'Aia' and were down from 44,95 to 14,95. They're the perfect shoe when you're off to a party, a night out with the girls, or a lovely diner with the boyfriend. They look like they walk like little angels so I am really curious! I know my timing to order sandals is the worst, since we're looking at fall in a few weeks, but I don't really care!

Of course I will show you these black babies when they're here!

What do you think of my purchases? Have you ever ordered from

woensdag 12 september 2012

Better late than never

As I said, better late than never... Since I wore this outfit on sundays last week. Me and my friends went to a kind of festival/party and this is what I wore. Casual and comfortable, it was so hot that day! The shirt I am wearing is a shirt I stole from my boyfriend because it didn't fit him anymore, lucky me! Tucked in in the shorts, folded the sleeves and good to go! 


 (the color of the shoes that is displayed in the picture on top is the most accurate)

I think these boots don't get what they deserve. They've been standing in my closet for months since I last wore them in february I guess? That was when I combined them in my Pocahontas inspired look, see here. Need to wear these more often, and I will. And that's a promise.

What I wore;
Shirt; Zara Men
Shorts; Only
Belt; Vintage
Shoes; Bershka
Nail polish; Catrice - MAN, GO Tango
Necklace; New Yorker
Bracelets; Diy, Bodrum Airport, thrifted, Claire's, H&M
Headband; thrifted
Ring; Six

dinsdag 11 september 2012


This is something that I discovered a few days ago and I love it! It's an animated GIF format that contains still parts and moving parts and the moving parts are repeated constantly.

I know it's not too innovative and it's been used for a while now, but I'm impressed! Makes me wanna try it immediatly, although I think I wouldn't have the skills in photoshop to do it myself.. Which luckily for me, is no problem because  an app (download here)that gives you the opportunity to experiment your ass off. It's called cinemagram, kind of like Instagram only way cooler ;)!

Check this out!

This is mine, looking for inspiration for my next post on You'll see that later this week. Like the effect!

woensdag 5 september 2012

Colorful grey

Wow, it feels like ages ago that I shared something with you guys! Been really busy, or maybe I should rather not call it busy, cause I'm talking about vacation en enjoying the sun! Went to Turkey with the boyfriend to  detox completely and relax to the max!

I can't promise to keep you posted on a frequent base but I' ll do my best. It's just that last week I started a minor in Informatien Strategy for this semester and it's already taking so much of my free time!

Amyway, today I was wearing a quit simple and comfortable outfit. I wore a simple grey jeans and a grey blended oversized top. Matched my nails with the beaded necklace with a new nail polish that I bought at Pieces. Hope you like it!


What I wore;
 Top; Vero Moda
Jeans; Primark
Shoes; Sacha
Necklace; Six (very old but I heard they are in the collection again)
Bracelets; Claire's, Sacha
Nailpolish; Pieces
Watch; Six
Earcuff; New Look