zondag 31 juli 2011

To make a long story short: as promised, this is what I'm wearing today.

Linen red top; Zara
Pearl necklace; Claire's
Blazer; H&M
Jeans; Replay (old collection)
Wedges; H&M
Bag; thrift store
Bracelets; Action
Ring; Six

And this is where I found the inspiration how to combine the red linen top. As you can see, created a complete different outfit, but I always find it kind of funny to see that this is where is came from.

Outfitpost; coral blouse

This is what I was wearing yesterday. Again, quality could be higher.. Exusez-moi for that! I promise the next post will be better quality and more pictures!
Wore an oufit yesterday with the new blouse and the new blazer. Put on the new boots just for the picture, because I'm still not sure whether to keep them or not.. Made a deal with myself. If I still haven't wore them outside on monday or tuesday they're going back to the store.
Yesterday I was too busy to post these pictures so that's why you get them today. And have a little patience, later today I will post what I'm wearing today, so stay tuned!

zaterdag 30 juli 2011

New in; blouse, blazer, shoes, necklace

Okay, i'm serious.. This holiday, these days off.. They are so so bad for my bank account. It is shrinking like hell. I'm shopping, partying, eating, drinking and chilling my ass of!
A few days ago I told you about my new purchases. Have been wearing the blazer already byt the way, don't blame me! And I really need to iron the blouse before I'll wear, quite wrinkly!
Oh, and I need your help, I have been looking for booties that look kind of 'tough' but in a way also feminine. Now I found a pair, but my friend said (quote!) 'they look like a witch would wear them'. Okay, in my opinion that's not something I want to hear about my new shoes. So, I want to hear it from you! And please be honest, I will always make my own choice but I'm still deciding and a little help is never bad!

I am so sorry for the bad quality of my pictures, these were shot in dimness, it was already getting dark. Tried to brighten it up a bit but that rather detracted from the quality.

vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Outfitpost; ethnic necklace, leather skirt

This is what I wore yesterday on my shopping spree! Although a spree maybe isn't the right word.. It's not like I excessively spended en have gone wild. I just bought a blouse, a blazer, a pair of shoes and a necklace. Will show them tomorrow in a new post, especially because I really want your opinion on the shoes... Having some doubts whether to keep them or not. But that's fot later, for now I'm off for a day with my boyfriend. 

Here's what I wore yesterday;

Tiny review

Bought a lipstick at warehouse Hema a few days ago. And I'm actually quite satisfied with the price-quality ratio. It cost me only 3 euros and it's a very good lipstick. The color I tried is called '07'. It's a soft pink, with a touch of purple sometimes. It's not too much and it goes with almost everything.

If you like lipstick but are not ready to go all the way (I mean in red or hot pink), try this one! It's a very basic color, it's not too dry en not too creamy, it's stays for an okay time and it doesn't smell. Not too shabby, Hema!

woensdag 27 juli 2011

Inspiration; emma stone

Emma Stone is one of the coolest, funniest and prettiest actrices of the moment, at least in my opinion. She right in the middle between superstar and girl-next-door. Although no.. She's both at the same time! How rare is that quality!?
Right after wathing Easy A, I was hooked! Easy A is a chickflick that is actually not that girly as it seems, it's rather just funny and cute! Watched it with my boyfriend and he also fell instantly in love with Emma (I don't blame him!). She also stars in Superbad, which also is one of the funniest movies ever!
So both of these movies, Easy A and Superbad, haven't seen them yet? Go watch right now! (After checking this post on my blog and posting a sweet comment of course ;) )

What do you think of Emma Stone, love her as much as I do?

Outfitpost; the table cloth-necklace

Today I'm wearing a simple outfit because I have to work for the whole day. I'm wearing a prominent necklace to spice up the basic outfit. My boyfriend always calls it a table cloth and actually hates the thing haha. When we go somewhere I'm 'not aloud' to where this necklace because he hates it so much. Hope you do like it!
When you read this I'm already working, I set this post out so you didn't have to miss anything. When I'm done working it will be quite late in the evening already and right from work I will go and join my family. They're going out to dinner tonight but I will not be able to make it so I'll draw up to the table right after work!

Here's what I'm wearing;


dinsdag 26 juli 2011

Outfit of the day; white see-through blouse

My dear readers,

Oh how I love this blouse! I wear it much too often but it's irresistible. When I choose another top or blouse to wear in the morning this blouse almost seems to scream NOO.. PICK ME! And most of the times I go astray! It goes with almost every jeans, occasion, bag, mood and look! So today was his day, combined with a bleeched jeans and heels.

zondag 24 juli 2011

Cravings; Hermes Birkin Bag

Oh how I crave.. how I crave for this baby.. The Birkin Bag that we all know and probably love, and cannot afford. At least, I can't and that is such a bummer! All I can do is wait to the day that I win the lottery or something.. By the way, did you know it's the most desired and coveted bag since the 1984, that's when they called the bag after Jane Birkin, a British actress. The prices of this beauty go from 9.000 to 34.000 (gulp!). 

Look at all these celebs, wealthy enough to buy theirselves one (or more) of these pretty bags! So, as you might already would expect, I want one too.. But can't afford it (not yet). If any of you knows a good adress in The Netherlands or a webshop where I can order a nice and not too expensive Knock Off, please let me know!
Or maybe is there anyone among you that has one and is willing to donate it to me? I would be happy to email you my adress ;)!

Outfit of the day; Lazy Sundays

Today is sunday and to me that means, doing nothing except for watching Gossip Girl and lying on the couch with a nice little blanket. Just went to the grocery store for a few things for dinner but that is all for today. So this is what I'm wearing, so comfy!

Inspiration; Colors of the wind

Dear readers,

Today I'll show you a few outfits in which I get my inspiration, I love color combinations that are not too basic. Usually I combine several colors in my accessories. Especially in the color block trend, it doesn't feel like 'me' to wear an orange skirt, green top, electric blue heels and hot pink lipstick at a time, but all at once I could actually love it. So most of the time when I'm colorblocking, I just wear one piece of clothing that is in bright colors and I wear colory lipstick nail polish, necklaces and rings.

How beautiful is this, the electric blue with the shoes in that undefinable color! 
I would wear this like this in a heartbeat! Pretty Pretty Pretty!
Her blog: Glamour Blog

Sylvie van der Vaart. That dark blue and lighter blue looks cute
and the black and the stones on the neck of that top makes it so cool

That blended grey combined with the leopard print, I like!
I'm not a big fan of leopard, but like this.. I actually love it!
The Blonde Salad

Red is cool, always! And especially when you wear it with black and white!

And red with taupe, is a very pretty combi too!

Dark denim and cognac, I always get this cowboyish feeling when I see this! And I love to wear it myself!

I love my turquoise accessoires, I wear with almost everything! And this is one of the favorites, with the earth tones! So stylish!

Those natural colors, nude, creme and white! So dreamy, I love it!

This is one that forget sometimes, grey, white and black. When combined correctly, it can be so classic and pretty!

Turquoise and creme! Wowzers!

Dark mossgreen, black and creme (I counted the background in). It looks kind of edgy but because of the ivory color t has something really feminine!

That light blue is already very nice combined with the mustard yellow clutch, but that skirt.. That's what makes it so pretty!

Colar and soft pink, one of my favorites! And the beige/cognac from the blazer and shoes makes it complete

Another addition to make the soft pink& coral look complete: golden jewelry!