dinsdag 20 maart 2012

New favorite brand; Pantone

I discovered a brand that makes me so happy!

Today I bought a magazine at the trainstation so my two-hour travel home wouldn't be so dull. I do that very often and most of the times it's the magazine LINDA. that I buy. But this time I changed my mind, felt like being inspired for our new home. We'll be moved in 2 weeks now. Really exciting! Bought a 'VT Wonen', and before I knew it I was half way and an hour had passed. But what really matters, is that I saw an article about Pantone. A brand that is based on that colour charts that we all know when buying paint.

Watch and love

I think I want all of this.. Especially the mugs and the christmas ball! And the iphone case! And..

But.. I can't find where to buy these products. Maybe I'm just a little blind/stupid, but I can't discover. So, if you know, please do tell me!


donderdag 15 maart 2012

I'm hibernating under your skin

This is what I wore a few days ago. Still a bit chilly to wear these shorts with a 30 denier thights so I wore thights undeneath that were skincoloured. Also wearing my new see through blouse, bought at Pull & Bear last week. Gotta love Pull & Bear, can't walk in without spending..

Blouse; Pull & Bear
Shorts; DIY (used to be G-star)
Shoes; Van Haren
Choker; Bijoux Brigitte
Earcuff; present from le boyfriend
Nail Polish; HEMA
Lipstick; DA

zondag 4 maart 2012

Outfitpost; Blouse on blouse

Yesterday I had an appointment with our new landlord. My boyfriend and I are moving at the end of march, and yesterday we went to the appartment again to discuss a few things. I'm  so excited, you have no idea! The 1st of April is the day that we must have left our current home so it won't be long before we're really going to move house. So beside my internship I have now also have to fill my time with packing, I'll show you some pictures when we are actually living in the new home!

Oh if you have any ideas, or tips/tricks for our new home, like pictures or creative thoughts, those can be sent to! Inspiration is something you can never have enough of! So feel free to share everything!

And this is what I wore yesterday, of course with my new black ankle boots!

 I am completely in love with these ankle boots haha!

Oh and I bought a new white see through blouse this week with tiny cute polkadots! Will show you later, promise!

What I wore;
White blouse; primark
Pink blouse; H&M
Jeans; Primark
Belt; H&M
Shoes; Sasha
Necklace; Pull & Bear
Watch; Six
Nail polish; Essence