maandag 30 juli 2012

Outfit: Zara Dress - Yellow Summer

Told you guys I'd be wearing the dress from the previous post called Dark Paradise in a whole different way. It's almost a week ago that I wore this but I didn't find the time to post the pictures. I was very busy enjoying the sun last week. It almost felt like summer ;)..

 So about the look I wore, I topped it off with a denim jacket (that was very unneccessary because of the heat), Converse All Stars (talking about Converse, I have to tell you something about that to, but later on..) and yellow details like a necklace and watch.

What I wore;
dress; Zara
denim Jacket; Primark Kids
shoes; Converse Allstars
watch; HEMA
necklace; Doortje Vintage
nailpolish; Maybelline
sunnies; thrifted

zondag 22 juli 2012

Outfit: Zara Dress - Dark paradise

Another outfit today, this is what I wore yesterday. I'm wearing my new dress bought at Zara sale. It's hard to show the pretty details of the dress in the pictures but the back is partly shine-through and the front is a little shorter than the back. Been looking for a dress like this for such a long time. I wanted a dress that I can wear chique but also laid-back. It's the perfect dress in a suitcase when on vacation. It can be worn with a belt around the waist, an eyecather-necklace and heel to have diner in the evening or for a party like I did yesterday. But it can also be topped off without a belt, with flipflops and a summerhat. Or with Converse Allstars and a denim jacket. Or with strappy sandals and a big vest for the chillier evenings on the boulevard. OK, I could go on an on about this, to show you what I mean I'll wear it tomorrow again but in a way different style. And maybe again later this week, and again, and again..

What I wore:
Dress; Zara
Blazer; H&M
Shoes; Jennifer Taylor
Necklace; H&M
Lipstick; DA

woensdag 18 juli 2012

Outfit; DIY all over

Wore a totally comfortable outfit today. The shorts used to be an old jeans with the weirdest fit, have never worn it. Until I cut of the (flared) legs off to turn it into shorts. Love it eversince! Combined it with a nice and soft sweater that used to be my boyfriends but didn't fit him any more. Cut out the collar to make it an off-shoulder and wore a scarf for a headband to give it a spicy twist in color. So all DIY today!

what I was wearing;
Sweater; H&M (partly diy)
shorts; Vero Moda; (partly diy)
scarf worn as headband; thrifted
shoes; Converse All Stars
Earcuff; Bijoux Brigitte
Ring; Accessorize
Nailpolish; Maybelline Onyx Black
Lipstick; Maybelline Pink Punch

maandag 9 juli 2012

Outfit: Peace and yellow

Reaally quick post because I'm heading off to work in a minute. This is what I am wearing today;

What I was wearing;
top; H&M
jeans; Primark
blazer; Bershka
shoes; Sacha
bracalet; Claire's
nailpolish; Maybelline
hair elastic; H&M

zaterdag 7 juli 2012

Outfit: Black & Blue

Really weird weather today! One minute the sun is shining and I want to plunge into the water and the next it's raining like never before. Really hard to adjust your look to ;).

So I chose to wear something in between.


Top; H&M
Shorts; H&M
Shoes; Sacha
Necklace; H&M
Ring; Ti Sento