dinsdag 22 november 2011


This is what I wore on saturday night. Went to kind of a mini concert where a friend performed. She sings in a band and I had never heard her sing.. My God! I was stunned! It was kind of funny because when we walked up to the stage, we saw a band playing and the 'singer' was grunting his lungs out. So we looked at eachother like Omg.. Where the hell did we end up at! But after that weird German band, our friend came up and made it all up. So I had a great night, enjoyed her voice, band and performance!
And this is what I wore, kind of dull but had to hurry because I went straight from work.

Top; Pull&Bear
Skirt; New Yorker
Shoes; some tiny store in Brussels
Bracelet; used to be my mom's and before that my granny's
Watch; Thomas Sabo
Choker; Bijoux Brigitte

donderdag 17 november 2011

New in; New favorite store!

Okay, I finally went to Forever 21 and I'm kind of in love! Went to the store in Antwerp, and fortunately 2 friends of mine live there. So two good reasons for me to go to Antwerp on a regular base, besides it's a really beautiful and lively city of course!
I only bought 2 blouses but that was more of a financial reason than it was because of the collection.

The one on the left is in fact greener than it looks here, it's more moss-green. And the top is kind of salmon/pink/coral/something. And I love those colours together, so when I'm wearing the moss-green one I want to wear salmon/pink/coral/something-coloured nail polish and vice versa!

woensdag 16 november 2011

Outfitpost; Knee-highs and shorts

Hi everyone!

This will be a teeny tiny outfitpost because I shot these photo's during dawn, so a lot of them were too dark or blurry.
I wore a simple and warm outfit today because I had to work and travel a lot. I find those knee high socks so amazing! Wore them also last fall and winter and got me a lot of strange faces, especially from the kind of people that wear those big rain coats only when it's actually raining and that cut their hair because it's handy, not because they actually like it. Well, you know what I mean, people can be so blunt and over-simplified!

Combined my knee highs with a black short and one my new tops, bought at Pull&Bear.

Top; Pull&Bear
Shorts; Only
Knee highs; Van Haren (last year)
Shoes; Primark
Rings; Zeeman & Bijoux Brigitte

dinsdag 15 november 2011

Outfitpost; Cowgirl

Hello dear readers!
Today I'm wearing an oufit that's inspired by cowgirls haha. I know that sounds corny but this morning I woke up and I just felt like it. So I searched the web for a little inspiration and got dressed. It's not something that perfectly fits my style but I felt like I had to try it and it worked out well :).


Isn't this bag the cutest? Got it from my boyfriends granny!

I have to work a lot this week and next week so I made a lot of pictures today of what I will be wearing this week. Yes, I already selected some outfits for days to come, don't mock me okay? But I did that all for you, because now I was able to have two more outfitposts for the next two days planned! And.. there will also be a New In- post soon, because I went to Forever 21 in Antwerp!


Jacket; Bershka
Scarf; Zara
Blouse; Vero Moda;
Shorts; DIY/G-Star
Belt; Primark
Shoes; Bershka
Bobby-pin with flower; H&M
Bracelet; Bijoux Brigitte
Ring; Sixx
Bag; Vintage

maandag 14 november 2011

Agyness and Rihanna

I suppose it's like it's morning, isn't it? As if like someone has died, because you have so invested in something, that part of yourself is dying you know? It's like gut-wrenching isn't it? And then you've got to kind of.. suppose it's like yin and yang, you know? And then you have to try and feel whole yourself again. Because when you are in a relationship you are, like, quite enmeshed in a way.. So..

I just love this commercial!

Ran into this videoclip/commercial just now and it grabs me so much! It's a commercial for dr. Martens, and it's all about your first love and the heart break that comes with it. I love the voice of Agyness Deyn and I think that what she's talking about is something that everyone who has a first love recognizes. It gives me goosebumps!

And what made me do some research about it is because it looked and especially sounded so familiar to me. And I found out why, it's also Agyness that speaks in the intro of Rihanna's video We Found Love, and of course.. Rihanna wears Dr. Martens several times in her video. Guess this is kind of proof that they made one hell of a deal so she could use Agyness' bit. Think about what this does for Dr. Martens, very smart!

Thought I'd share my findings with you guys!

Have a nice monday!



zaterdag 5 november 2011

Outfitpost; "I drew a line"

"I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow"

Yellow - Coldplay 

And another outfitpost with the shoes!I just love 'em! They take me everywhere, out shopping, to school, to work, to the grocery store, they even take me out dancing sometimes! They walk like little angels and match with almost any item in my wardrobe.

And the bag fits that desription too! I bought it also at Primark and I think it looks so cute and stylish. It's like a little suitcase. Besides, I just love the colors; the wine red combined with the beige and brown!

And while I'm all rambling on and on I also wanted to say I'm happy to see my views and followers grow and grow everyday. Even though I left you for a little while there the past few weeks. I promise I'll make it up to you!

Dear readers, you make me smile!



Jumper; H&M
Jeans: Primark
Shoes; Primark
Bag; Primark
Ring; Sixx
Belt; Original vintage (used to be my granny's)
Jacket; Bershka (old)
Scarf; H&M (old)

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Outfitpost; All Primark

Hi my dear readers,

Here I am again with another outfitpost. I'm gonna make it fast because I have to run. I'm leaving in an hour for a party and I have to eat, take a shower, and so much more! But for now, a quickie for you guys!

Today I was all dressed in new stuff! Went to Primark last week en bought this dress, these brogues, black jeans and a new bag. Now I'm gonna run, will be back soon!



Dress; Primark (the little belt came with it)
Strapless underdress; Supetrash
Shoes; Primark
Rings; Bijoux Brigitte & Sixx
Snood; H&M
Nail Polish; Constance Carroll (bought in Turkey last year)