woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; Black, red lips, golden jewels

Hi lovely readers,

My first week at school is almost over! Today I had a day filled with all kinds of college, but especially the ones where you just sit and snooze. So I wanted to wear something comfortable and warm, because I know that in college I am always freezing!

And something else I want to tell you. I have a shopping ban! Why? Because my bank account couldn't handle my blurted out shopping behaviour! Yes I am serious! Oke a ban may be too big of a word but I made a deal with myself that in the month of Septembre all I can spend on clothes, shoes and jewelry is 50 euros. And I am aware of the fact that that ain't much.
Hope I can cope haha!

And now, time for the pictures of my look of the day

Dress; Zara
Underdress; H&M
Leggings; Primark
Blazer; Bershka
Snood; H&M
Bracelets; / Claire's
Ring; Six
Nailpolish; Pieces
Watch; Doortje Vintage
Lipstick; DA
Shoes; Van Haren

maandag 29 augustus 2011

New in; Primark!

Dear readers,

Got some new purchases, bought at Primark. Had to work all weekend and yesterday I had to work in Hoofddorp. And one of the two Primarks in our country is placed in the mall where I had to work! So of course, on my lunch break I ate my sandwich as fast as I could and ran off to the Primark. I had ten minutes left so it was a grab-and-pay shopping session. This is what I bought:

A green bag, belt, dress, kimono, ring and a bracelet (or headband)


vrijdag 26 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; dinerrr

I promised you to show you what I was gonna wear at diner with my boyfriend.  We went to a very chique and fancy restaurant so I maybe felt a little bit underdressed, but of course that could’ve been me. But we had a really nice and fun evening and the food was soo delicious!
And this is what I wore, it’s a strapless dress that’s underneath the top. 
I am very sorry for the quality of the pictures, it was dim already so I had to turn the shutter speed very long and stand very still, and that isn't easy I can tell you ;)!

I'm sorry, again these shoes.. I just love them so much!

Top; New Look
Strapless bodycon dress; Supertrash
(i love this dress, it so handy for almost everything, wear it also as a little skirt or pencil skirt)
Socks; Primark
Shoes; Sacha
Rings; Six
Lipstick; Maybelline

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; graduation day

It started out as a figure, which then grew into hope
Which then turned into a quiet thought 
which then turned into a quiet word

Regina Spektor - The Call

This has got nothing to do with what I'm wearing today or this post in any other way, but I just love love this song!
 Today I'm wearing a kind of simple outfit, because my day was actually filled with waiting. My boyfriend got the news wether he was graduated or not.. And HE DID! So very very proud of him! So tonight we're going out for diner, yummy! Still have to decide what I'm going to wear but I guess I'll show you tomorrow or tonight!

These shoes are actually not done anymore, I have worn these babies for soo many times, I wouldn't be surprised if they'd just fall apart one day soon. But I still love them and they walk like angels.. If someone owns these shoes and doesn't wear them (size 8/39) just holler and I'd be very happy!

I combined a pretty dull colour combination (the denim with black and taupe) with smashing pink lips and coral or peachy nails. And yes.. I am aware of the fact that some people don't like those colours mixed together in an outfit but I love it!

Tee; Bershka
Denim Shorts; kind of DIY
Scarf; Pieces
Shoes; Primark
Watch; Thomas Sabo
Bracelets; Claire's
Ring; Pieces, Bijoux Brigitte, Zeeman
Nails; Catrice (Scream Peach)
Lips; Maybelline (Pink Punch)

woensdag 24 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; Classy slimple

My outfit for today. Wanted to wear something simple because I had a lot to do today. Changed into my Uggs at the end of the day because my feet started to hurt, got blisters all over my feet from working. Not the most fashionable combination, but I had to. Also bought a new top at New Look today and yesterday I finally got my new Iphone! One that functions like it should! So I’m happy! I’ll show you my new top tomorrow, and also a new necklace I bought recently (I know, I know, my addiciton for necklaces is becoming a serious problem!) Now I’m going to change into a nice, soft and cosy outfit and watch a movie on the couch with my boyfriend.

Love, Flique

My two babies ;)

Tee; H&M
Pants; H&M
Top underneath; Bjorn Borg
Shoes; Sacha
Bag; Primark
Necklace; I have no clue!
Ring; Bijoux Brigitte
Watch; Doortje Vintage Fashion
Nail Polish; Constance Carroll (bought in Turkey last year)