maandag 27 februari 2012

Outfitpost; colors of the wind

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth
Come roll in all the riches all around you
And for once, never wonder what they're worth

Today I felt like dressing up like Pocahontas. I wore my new green pants and combined it with a cream white blouse. When I was putting on my new necklace (I told you you would see it soon, didn't I!) I felt like I had to top this indian look with the beige booties.


Wearing today;
Green pants;Pull&Bear
Blouse; Primark (old)
Shoes; Bershka
Necklace; Pull&Bear
Nailpolish; Essence
Hairpin; thrifted

zondag 26 februari 2012

New in

Hi dears!

This weekend I went shopping. Finally! Had been a while, I wanted new shoes so bad! And I succeeded. Found a nice pair of black heeled ankle boots, green pants, a skirt, a wallet, a necklace and a pair of sunnies. Last two named are not in the pictures, but you'll certainly see them one day. Maybe even tomorrow :)!

Gotta love those, right? They walk like little angels because the heel is not that high and very stable. The leather is so smooth, which makes them fit like they were made for me!

I found this wallet so cute, love the colors! And the hardware is rosegold so I was definitly  immediatly in love.

 What I bought;
Boots; Sacha 
Pants; Pull & Bear
Skirt; Pull & Bear
Wallet; Accessorize

woensdag 15 februari 2012

Outfitpost; Kiss the rain

So, the weather turned 180 degrees around in this little Dutch country we live in. Frozen lakes, icicles, snow and freezing cold days have gone by. Not that I mind, I was already done with it, but now it's made place for damp days, rain showers and wet feet. Also not my cup of tea, but it's oke. Umbrellas are my friends these days.
The outfit I'll show you today is actually one I wore last sunday, but I haven't showed you yet because I didn't want to shoot all my boil!

What I wore;
Blazer; Bershka
Top; Zara
Kimono; Primark
Pants; H&M
Shoes; Van Haren
Necklace; thrifted
Ring; Bijoux Brigitte 


maandag 13 februari 2012

I need some help!

Oke it's like this. I bought a simple black dress at H&M last year in sale. I cost me only 10 euros and I bought it as a back up for New Years Eve. It's a quite simple dress and when I ran into another one with lace (I love lace) and all, I wore that on the big evening. So now that poor simple black thing has been hangin in my closet ever since. And the be honest, I have no idea how to wear this whithout looking too festive. So I was hoping you could give me some tips. Maybe you even own this dress too? If so, please show me how you wear it on the daily base!
Because I love the dress but I don't know what to do with it.

The dress:

zondag 12 februari 2012

A Tribute To The Greatest Woman Of All

This post is meant as a tribute to Whitney Houston. This morning the terrible news came to my ears and I was shocked for a while. I love love her music, she is a true talent! Of course everybody knew she wasn't completely healthy the last years, drugs and alcohol overpowered her and her common sense. I hope she can rest now, I really do. I will honor her by listening to her music!

 My all time favorite; All the man I need
May she rest in peace!

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

Outfitpost; snow and leather

Okay this is terrible. The outfit I want to show you today is one I wore last week on saturday. Yep, that is a week a go! Been so busy with my internship this week that I just never found the time to post these pictures! I hope tomorrow gives me the time to shoot some outfits already for next week.

I wore;

Top; H&M
Leather skirt; H&M
Shoes; Shick Shoes
Woolen Socks; H&M
Nail polish; Gosh
Bracelets; Claire's/H&M/thrifted
Watch; Casio

vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Little socks

As I promised; part two of the outfit I wore a few days ago. It was the first day that it actualy was freezing here in Holland. Normally I choose to wear my Uggs on days like those but I actually hate Uggs. I only wear them because I hate cold feet even more. So I decided to just wear thick wolen socks in my shoes. And it was enough, my feet were warm and cosy all day long. And I always find it so cute, those little socks in your shoes.

What I was wearing;
Coat; H&M (last year)
Vest; New Look
Blouse; Primark
Jeans; Primark
Shoes; Primark
Socks; H&M
Watch; Thomas Sabo
Bracelets; H&M/Claire's