dinsdag 20 maart 2012

New favorite brand; Pantone

I discovered a brand that makes me so happy!

Today I bought a magazine at the trainstation so my two-hour travel home wouldn't be so dull. I do that very often and most of the times it's the magazine LINDA. that I buy. But this time I changed my mind, felt like being inspired for our new home. We'll be moved in 2 weeks now. Really exciting! Bought a 'VT Wonen', and before I knew it I was half way and an hour had passed. But what really matters, is that I saw an article about Pantone. A brand that is based on that colour charts that we all know when buying paint.

Watch and love

I think I want all of this.. Especially the mugs and the christmas ball! And the iphone case! And..

But.. I can't find where to buy these products. Maybe I'm just a little blind/stupid, but I can't discover. So, if you know, please do tell me!


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