woensdag 9 mei 2012

New in!

  It's a while ago since I bought these items but I couldn't find the time to share this with you. But I am ever since so happy with the purchases that I still wanted to show them to you.

The cobalt-coloured shorts and shine through blouse are from H&M and I bought the blazer in blended grey at Bershka.
Nail polish and blusher are from Catrice and I found the golden necklace at Six, just like the cute necklace rack.

I always fall for grains, beads, braided and coloured necklaces. I can't walk in a jewelry store without buying one. These are almost all of my shorter chainlets, I store the longer ones somewhere else because I'm in a chainlet phase right now. And by phase, I mean addiction haha! No joke..

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