maandag 11 juni 2012

Outfit: Tearing me apart

Hi there!

Since the sun shone again today and the weather was pretty good, I thought it was time to hop in my teared out jeans. I have a great story that goes with this jeans, that is by the way actually a tregging.

It's quite a while ago, but when I had just bought it really recently I went to some sort of festival with some friends where a friend of us was working. We had a great time and halfway through the evening it got a little chilly so we dropped in some sort of booth or tent (not quite sure how to call this) where they still served drinks. We sat there for hours and talked and drank and had fun. And when we were about to leave we saw that except for us the whole area was empty. Everybody had left, which was no problem, if they would still had kept the gates open, but they didn't..

So, turned out that we had to climb over a fence to get out. My friends were already out of the area and I was last. When was on top of the fence and I was about to jump off, my new jeans got stuck on a piece of the fence. So I hung on that stupid fence while it was tearing the backside of my jeans apart. It created a big gap, which I sewed together, and I wore it with the same pleasure ever since!

When you look closely, you can see the gap right beneath my top, it goes up for like 10 cm (3,5 inch)!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw, mooie accessoires en leuke broek ook!

    Ik kom van het Girlscene forum, maar de reacties willen niet werken. Mijn broek is een legging en hij komt van de H&M Divided. Ik heb hem in de sale afgelopen maand gekocht!


  2. Hoi!

    Zou ik mogen vragen met welk programma of welke layer je je foto's bewerkt? Ik zou wel willen weten hoe je je hoofd zo doet xx