maandag 30 juli 2012

Outfit: Zara Dress - Yellow Summer

Told you guys I'd be wearing the dress from the previous post called Dark Paradise in a whole different way. It's almost a week ago that I wore this but I didn't find the time to post the pictures. I was very busy enjoying the sun last week. It almost felt like summer ;)..

 So about the look I wore, I topped it off with a denim jacket (that was very unneccessary because of the heat), Converse All Stars (talking about Converse, I have to tell you something about that to, but later on..) and yellow details like a necklace and watch.

What I wore;
dress; Zara
denim Jacket; Primark Kids
shoes; Converse Allstars
watch; HEMA
necklace; Doortje Vintage
nailpolish; Maybelline
sunnies; thrifted

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