woensdag 21 december 2011

Outfitpost; Le Blouse

Yeaay! Another outfitpost. That is such a long time ago!
Well, this is what I wore today. Had to be at school only in the morning and the rest of the day I had to work at home. Tonight I'll be having diner with friends so maybe I'll change into something a little more coloury.

But I wanted to tell something about the blouse I'm wearing today. I bought this last weekend at a market in my town. A friend of mine and two of her friends had a little stand for once only, and they sold every piece of clothing that they never wear. They had a table full of jeans, tregging, jeggings, skirts and shorts. Under that table they had displayed all of the shoes they sold (some of them were brand new! Too bad I can't fit my big feet in size 36/6). Next to the table they had (tank)tops, blouses and shirts hanging. And all of it was sold for 50 cents a piece. This blouse is one of my catches, I also bought another blouse, which I will show some other time. Of course I tipped my friend with an extra 50 cents on top of the paid 1 euro ;)!

Look at this collar, isn't that the prettiest?!
Haha.. Look at the goosebumps on my arm! It was freezing but I'm just not a fan of inside pictures!

Jeans; Primark
Blouse; thrifted
Belt; H&M
Shoes; H&M
Ring; Bijoux Brigitte
Nail polish; Catrice - 500, Sir! Yes sir!

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  1. die blouse is echt prachtig, dat kraagje.. heel bijzonder!!

    fijne dat zij dat allemaal wegdeden, ;)!!