donderdag 2 februari 2012

Preview; Little socks

Reaaally short post, kind of a preview (although it's not really a preview when almost all of the outfit is exposed already haha) !

This is what I wore a few days ago. Never got the time to post this because of the stress, chaos, early mornings and long train trips that an internship brings along. Two days have gone by, a lot to go! But i's so much fun and (I know, this is gonna sound cliche) so educative! 

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the pictures that belong to this outfit, but I just wanted to show already because it has been 3 days since those poctures were taken.
Haha see my eyebrows? I lift one because my boyfriend was teasing me and making dumb jokes! Thought it would be I nice touch to keep this expression in the drawn face as well!

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