woensdag 15 februari 2012

Outfitpost; Kiss the rain

So, the weather turned 180 degrees around in this little Dutch country we live in. Frozen lakes, icicles, snow and freezing cold days have gone by. Not that I mind, I was already done with it, but now it's made place for damp days, rain showers and wet feet. Also not my cup of tea, but it's oke. Umbrellas are my friends these days.
The outfit I'll show you today is actually one I wore last sunday, but I haven't showed you yet because I didn't want to shoot all my boil!

What I wore;
Blazer; Bershka
Top; Zara
Kimono; Primark
Pants; H&M
Shoes; Van Haren
Necklace; thrifted
Ring; Bijoux Brigitte 


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