dinsdag 3 april 2012

To the summit

Wow, I am so busy right now! Just moved a few days ago, so I'm still surrounded by boxes. And also I'm still doing the full time internship, which means 4 hours of travelling a day and 7 hours of work a day, pretty heavy. But these are all good and fun things. So happy we moved, I am completely in love with our new crib. My boyfriend lets me do all the designs, colourpicking and furniture hunting. Love it! I'll show you some pictures later when the boxes are all unpacked!
And the internship, still so much fun! A lot to learn and so much already learnt, never expected an internship to be so enjoyable!

Will show you a look from last week, haven't had the time to post earlier because me and my MacBook had to deal with a week without internet because of the moving.
These pictures were shot on the last day we lived in our little cosy old flat, that we now traded in for a nice and bigger appartment (including a bath!), I think I can get used to living here!

But, back to the outfitshots, bought a denim gilet in a thriftstore last week. Cost me like 3 euros and I think it goes with anything!

Now that I think about it, this might be the cheapest outfit in ages! Watch this:

Top; H&M (sale, 3 euro)
Gilet; Lois (thrifted, 3 euro)
Jeans; Primark (11 euro)
Shoes; Primark (14 euro)
Watch; Six (20 euro)

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