zondag 15 april 2012

Home sweet home

I promised you some pictures of my home, and a promise is a promise.

 I went to the market on saturday and bought a lot of flowers which I placed in our new home. I love flowers! The smell, the atmosphere, the feeling they give. So I felt the need to share that spring/cosy home sensation with you guys! I also loove candles! Especially when it's cold and dark outsisde.

In the living room we used a lot of colours like turqoise and light blue, pink and musard yellow. In the bed room we used especially vintage pink, taupe red en cream white.

Hope you like :)

When my boyfriends grandma died, we got this cabinet that used to be hers. Love this piece of furniture for many reasons!

My boyfriend gave me this. A cute tea cup with a teapot in one

love pink lilys!

Just finished this book, the sequel to Hunger Games. Most of you probably have seen the movie or even read the book. But if not.. you must go read it right now!

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  1. Leuke foto's! The Hunger Games is echt zo'n leuk boek (en film!) :)

    With love, Cindy