woensdag 1 augustus 2012

New in: Converse Allstars (again)

In my previous post I already spilled that I wanted to tell you something about Converse Allstars. Well, now is the time to tell you how I got my second pair for almost free.

I few days ago I went shopping with the boyfriend when we came across a store with the biggest and a kind of weird sale. They sold all their shoes that weren't saleable for whatever reason. The sale contained a whole lot of pairs that consisted of two different sizes, shoes without laces, 'pairs' with only one shoe and last but not least pairs of which the color of one shoe had faded. And that last example was for me. You see,  I dredged up a beige right one of a pair of Allstars. Which (my fellow readers probably know) I own in black and is my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. It had a little tag on it that said "Color faded, 65,95 14,95". But I couldn't notice any discolouring. I went to ask and the girl behind the counter showed me the left shoe, it was indeed darker. The right shoe had been standing in de window for a while and lost colour because of the sun.

I tried them on and they seriously fit like a glove, which was of course quite predictable because it was exactly my size. I knew I would be foolish to leave them, so I took 'em home with me and put the left shoe in the sun, to let it's colour fade.

And now, the sun has already made a big progress but they're not quite the same colour yet, since it's been rainy around here for two days. I need sun! I want that left shoe to fade and I need a tan ;)..

I am so curious if it will succeed, you? You'll see them walking by on the blog when they're good to go!

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  1. Dat is nog eens mooi meegenomen!

  2. Still a great bargain! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!