woensdag 14 september 2011

Outfitpost; All that glitters

Quick outfitpost of my look! Not really sure about this top but I bought it and ripped the cards off immediatly so now I am just wearing it and I think I just have to get used to it!

Haha see those goosebumps on my arm?

I realised today that I still haven't shown you my red blazer yet. I have already worn it but in a very boring way, with denim and white. Tomorrow my H&M package will arrive! And yes that's oke with my shopping diet because I have to pay for it in about 3 weeks or so! I'm cheating on myself haha, I'm such a loser! I have ordered a whole bunch of jeans and trousers, including one with a high waist, which I have been looking for for ages. Curious if they'll fit! No doubt about it that I'll keep you posted!

Tomorrow I have a day with the boyfriend planned. I'll show you later what I wore! Think it'll be something comfortable but not too much!

What I wore today;
Top; Bershka
Tubedress; Supertrash
Wedges; H&M
Earrings; Pieces
Watch; Doortje Vintage

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