zondag 11 september 2011

Outfitpost; Casual saturday

Hi guys!

Oh this is terrible! I am working my ass off which leaves me no time to blog! And I guess you must be getting tired of those outfitposts, I'm working on it, have a little patience! If you got any suggestions about what kind of articles you want to see, don't be shy just let me know!

Bought a new blazer this week which I'm not sure how to wear. I'll post some pictures of it tomorrow so you can help me if you want. It's kind of red and I almost never wear red, only in scarfs or accessories. I know red goes with white, black, grey and all, but I want to give it that little extra, you might already know that I am a big fan of rare colourcombinations. I like to wear clothes that almost clash with each other!

For now I hope you'll be satisfied with yet another outfitpost of what I wore yesterday

Blazer; Thrift store
Top; Jane Norman
Shorts; DIY / G-star
Necklace; New Yorker
Bracelet (actually a headband); H&M
Shoes; Van Haren
Bag; Primark
Rings; Ti Sento / Action / Pieces

1 opmerking:

  1. Omg I love that bag! Gorgeous! I bought the wallet:)
    And thanks for your comment! You are so right, because some people also tell me that they don't know how to wear it. I think it can go with a lot of things, just be creative:)
    And the other necklace is also from the H&M(trend department), it has already been a few months ago!

    Have a nice day!