dinsdag 22 november 2011


This is what I wore on saturday night. Went to kind of a mini concert where a friend performed. She sings in a band and I had never heard her sing.. My God! I was stunned! It was kind of funny because when we walked up to the stage, we saw a band playing and the 'singer' was grunting his lungs out. So we looked at eachother like Omg.. Where the hell did we end up at! But after that weird German band, our friend came up and made it all up. So I had a great night, enjoyed her voice, band and performance!
And this is what I wore, kind of dull but had to hurry because I went straight from work.

Top; Pull&Bear
Skirt; New Yorker
Shoes; some tiny store in Brussels
Bracelet; used to be my mom's and before that my granny's
Watch; Thomas Sabo
Choker; Bijoux Brigitte

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