maandag 14 november 2011

Agyness and Rihanna

I suppose it's like it's morning, isn't it? As if like someone has died, because you have so invested in something, that part of yourself is dying you know? It's like gut-wrenching isn't it? And then you've got to kind of.. suppose it's like yin and yang, you know? And then you have to try and feel whole yourself again. Because when you are in a relationship you are, like, quite enmeshed in a way.. So..

I just love this commercial!

Ran into this videoclip/commercial just now and it grabs me so much! It's a commercial for dr. Martens, and it's all about your first love and the heart break that comes with it. I love the voice of Agyness Deyn and I think that what she's talking about is something that everyone who has a first love recognizes. It gives me goosebumps!

And what made me do some research about it is because it looked and especially sounded so familiar to me. And I found out why, it's also Agyness that speaks in the intro of Rihanna's video We Found Love, and of course.. Rihanna wears Dr. Martens several times in her video. Guess this is kind of proof that they made one hell of a deal so she could use Agyness' bit. Think about what this does for Dr. Martens, very smart!

Thought I'd share my findings with you guys!

Have a nice monday!



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  1. Wauw wat een ontzettend mooie commercial en je hebt er ook een super stukje over geschreven !
    & inderdaad ontzettend slim van dr. Martens/