maandag 30 januari 2012

Outfitpost; the blazer blues

Yesterday I went out to shop because of study avoidance. I was busy working on school things and stuff and then I suddenly went crazy. I needed to get out and treat myself to a little shopping. I bought a blue blazer, 3 little bracelets, some underwear and a simple little black dress. And I wore the blazer and bracelets today right away, will show you the other stuff tomorrow.
Also will I be an intern at Hema from the 1st of februari so I think I might not be able to post so much from then of. What I will do is try to take pictures in the weekends of what I will wear that week and plan some posts throughout the week. Hope it will work that way. And ohh god.. I am so nervous for the internship, you can be assured haha!

What I wanted to know, what do you guys think of the graphic face on my pictures lately? Like it, or should I just leave it? Opinions wanted!

These are the new bracelets, they've got the letters PARIS and NEWYORK on them, also have one in gold with LONDON. Aren't they cute?
  Still in love with the earcuff! Been searching for another one but I can't find a pretty one that doesn't cost too much.. Tips are so welcome!

What I was wearing
Blazer; Bershka
Tee; Bershka
Jeans; H&M
Shoes; H&M
Necklace; New Yorker
Ring; Vintage
Watch; Thomas Sabo
Bracelets; H&M
Earcuff; unknown (it was a present)
Nail Polish; Essence

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