dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Outfit; Inspired by styleoctopus

Yesterday I was checking out Styleoctopus' look, she was wearing a lace dress and a studded belt. This got me inspired because I remembered wearing this kind of belt years (really like ages) ago, think I was 11 or 12. So I decided to go and look for the thing. Found it in a box where I store all of my old belts that I don't wear anymore but plan to wear once again. And this was one of them. I dusted it of and it was ready to join my outfit!

So here it is, my version of the look with the studded belt

 Wore it with very simple black over knee socks.

Wearing today;
Ofcourse the new old belt; no freakin' idea where it came from
Hearted dress; H&M (last years season)
Vest; H&M (also last years season)
Over knee socks; Van Haren
Shoes; H&M

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