zondag 15 januari 2012

Outfitpost; dusky

Ah the weather in Holland was so nice today! Pretty cold, but with a cute little sunshine! That is why I'm such a loser waiting till dusk with taking outfitpictures, when it's really hard to take some sharp photos. I tried my best!

 These shoes are the bomb! Even though I know not everyone is that keen on them (my boyfriend always calls them witches-shoes and really hates 'em). They walk like angels, go with every look and only cost me 10 euros.

This neckace always makes people smile. I see them checking the thing out, then they ask 'Is that really a moustache?' and they laugh. Bought this at, a webshop with such a good service. A few days after I received this necklace, the moustache fell of, the connector broke. I mailed the info service of the website and told them about my complaint. The girl who runs the shop mailed me back instantly and told me she would send me a new connector if I'd like. So a few days later I received the new connector AND a set of cute earrings with little swallows on them. What a service! So, I recommend!

 This ear cuff was a very cute present from my boyfriend for christmas. He knew I wanted a nice earcuff for a while so he started the search. He couldn't remember the webshop (Oh my god.. men!) so I don't know where to buy more of this, a shame!


Jacket; Bershka
Vest; H&M
Top; Zara
Jeans; Primark
Shoes; H&M
Scarf; H&M
Moustache necklace;
Cross ring; Bijoux Brigitte
Silver Ring; H&M (one of a set of 3)
Earcuff; don't know (christmas present)
Nail polish; Catrice - London's weather forecast

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