maandag 16 januari 2012

Rising star...

I think I love her... Elizabeth Grant, also known as Lana Del Rey. The (damn) pretty girl who scored a hit with her track Videogames. She hasn't released her new album yet but she's a star already. She became famous because of her Youtube channel at first, but I suppose it's her looks, her voice and her style that did the rest. She's really something special. I can't wait for her new album to come out on the 27st of january. 
Just wanted to share some of her inspiring pictures with you guys. 

This is her new video Born To Die, "a dark love story seen through hopeful eyes" as she says herself in an interview with Q magazine.

Don't forget to listen to some of her other songs like Videogames and Blue Jeans!

Isn't she the coolest?

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