zondag 24 juli 2011

Inspiration; Colors of the wind

Dear readers,

Today I'll show you a few outfits in which I get my inspiration, I love color combinations that are not too basic. Usually I combine several colors in my accessories. Especially in the color block trend, it doesn't feel like 'me' to wear an orange skirt, green top, electric blue heels and hot pink lipstick at a time, but all at once I could actually love it. So most of the time when I'm colorblocking, I just wear one piece of clothing that is in bright colors and I wear colory lipstick nail polish, necklaces and rings.

How beautiful is this, the electric blue with the shoes in that undefinable color! 
I would wear this like this in a heartbeat! Pretty Pretty Pretty!
Her blog: Glamour Blog

Sylvie van der Vaart. That dark blue and lighter blue looks cute
and the black and the stones on the neck of that top makes it so cool

That blended grey combined with the leopard print, I like!
I'm not a big fan of leopard, but like this.. I actually love it!
The Blonde Salad

Red is cool, always! And especially when you wear it with black and white!

And red with taupe, is a very pretty combi too!

Dark denim and cognac, I always get this cowboyish feeling when I see this! And I love to wear it myself!

I love my turquoise accessoires, I wear with almost everything! And this is one of the favorites, with the earth tones! So stylish!

Those natural colors, nude, creme and white! So dreamy, I love it!

This is one that forget sometimes, grey, white and black. When combined correctly, it can be so classic and pretty!

Turquoise and creme! Wowzers!

Dark mossgreen, black and creme (I counted the background in). It looks kind of edgy but because of the ivory color t has something really feminine!

That light blue is already very nice combined with the mustard yellow clutch, but that skirt.. That's what makes it so pretty!

Colar and soft pink, one of my favorites! And the beige/cognac from the blazer and shoes makes it complete

Another addition to make the soft pink& coral look complete: golden jewelry!

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