zondag 31 juli 2011

Outfitpost; coral blouse

This is what I was wearing yesterday. Again, quality could be higher.. Exusez-moi for that! I promise the next post will be better quality and more pictures!
Wore an oufit yesterday with the new blouse and the new blazer. Put on the new boots just for the picture, because I'm still not sure whether to keep them or not.. Made a deal with myself. If I still haven't wore them outside on monday or tuesday they're going back to the store.
Yesterday I was too busy to post these pictures so that's why you get them today. And have a little patience, later today I will post what I'm wearing today, so stay tuned!

Blouse; H&M
Blazer; H&M
Shorts; No idea, cut them off myself
Necklace; Thrift shop
Blue ring; vintage

Silver ring; Six

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