dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Inspiration; favorite blogs

I love to watch all my favorite blogs when I have a moment for myself. These are my favorite blogs:

My all time favorite: Roos - Mode Rosa
 I love how she mixes chique and still kind of edgy or raw. She always looks feminine but not too much, she still always wears something cool. Goes perfect with her delicate face.
She also wears a lot of lipstick, which inspired me. My collection grows and grows.

Merel - Blackbirds Fashionblog
Merel always looks like what she wears is sooo comfortable, even though she is in heels. She also has sends the message not to care about what people think of her.

Just an enormous inspiration for me, and I guess not just for me. She's kind of famous world wide!

Kim looks feminine but forceful. And she know how to combine colours!

Lily is a great inspiration for me when it's about casual clothing. She looks so comfortable, girly and a little edgy. I like that combination.

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