woensdag 20 juli 2011


As I told you in an earlier post, I'm all hooked on lipsticks, and my collection keeps on growing. At this moment I have 28 differents colors and shades. My favorites come from DA, Action and Maybelline.

These are the ones I wear the most

From left to right: 
Etos - 114    
Action - Wine red
Bourjois - Rose
DA - 007
Maybelline - Pink Punch
Catrice - Lobster Love
Catrice - Oh Juicy!
Action - Cranberry red

Maybelline - Catrice - DA - Catrice

What makes Maybelline and the Catrice sticks so good is that they are very creamy. I must say the lipsticks from Catrice are not very eat- and drinkproof, for the very reason that they are so creamy of course. The maybelline lipstick is also very creamy but also a little more expensive and that is noticeable, because it stays for so long! I love that lipstick! The lipstick from DA is one of my favorites because it's a quite basic color, not too red, not too dark, goes with every outfit. It's a little dry with applying but it stays very long and doesn't dry out on your lips.

Above: DA - 007   
Under: Maybelline - Pink Punch

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