dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Little things I like in life

There are moments in life when you realise that you love your life so much. Moments that actually mean nothing but just make realise. I like to capture those moments and enjoy them the best I can. Examples of the moments I mean:

 When you're waiting for the train and the doors stop right before you and you're the first one to get in.

Watching the sun come up when you've been out with friends, had a great night and made it really really late.

When the traffic lights turn green just when you wanted to move your foot from gas to brake.

Hearing a song on the radio that reminds you of something nice.

Finding that one item that you have been wanting for so long but was too expensive.. but now in sale!

When you are texting a friend en he or she calls you at that moment, what a coincidence!

When you come and your dog (or any other pet) lets you know that he's glad you're home.

When you have been waiting for a sneeze and it finally comes.

Seeing someone trip over his own feet.

Having a little chat in train or bus with someone you don't know.

And I could on like this for ages! It love those moments. I've found a website that does the same, recognizing the small things in life.
Go and take a look!


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