zondag 14 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; hotpants

This is what I wore yesterday evening/night to a party that friends of mine organized. Had a really great time! Wore a few of my new jewels again, and a blouse that I have had hanging in the closet for a few weeks but forgot to wear. Found it with the price tag still on it and decided to wear it immediately, tucked into this black hot pants.
I'm sorry for the lack of outfitposts and other posts, I'm kind of busy lately with working! I'll do my best to keep it up from now on!

Blouse; H&M
Black shorts; I guess Only (have had it for  a long long time)
Shoes; Sacha
Socks; H&M
Blazer; H&M
Necklace; H&M
Wooden bracelet;  Got it from my grandad
Other bracelet; Claire’s
Rings; Bijoux Brigitte, Zeeman
Green nail polish; Essence
Lipstick; Action

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