zaterdag 6 augustus 2011

Inspiration; jemappelledenise

Hi dear readers,

I want to introduce you to someone; Denise, from Jemappelledenise. She is not just a blogger. No, she is a very very creative blogger. She's got her own style and I think that is best to describe as girly but mature and with the best eye for detail. Seriously her eye for detail is just amazing. She wears most of the time outfits in pastel, or in peaceful colors. And she always matches her jewelry with the details of a bag, for example. Silver hardware on a bag, only silver jewelry. 
Golden hardware on a belt? Golden jewelry.

But what I like the most about her, is her creativity! Her DIY's are not those DIY's  that you see and think to yourself, Okay this is something no one will ever do. I have that a lot, seeing a DIY and thinking by mysel; Okay never gonna happen, too much stuff needed, too much work, etc.
Her DIY's are so brilliant and simple. If you like to DIY, you should definitely go and visit her blog. A few days ago a saw this video of her, how to wear a long wide top in three different ways. I instantly thought of you guys, I needed to share this with you. So, here it is and don't forget to check her blog out!

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  1. lovely post.. :) ik kon haar nog niet, maar ik ga nu zeker vaker bij haar kijken :)