vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; vamos a la playa!

This is what I wore on tuesday actually. The reason you guys didn't get to see it earlier is because I am soo busy. Working my ass off! But that's okay, I like my job! 
So back to my outfit. I went to the beach with two of my dearest girlfriends and we sat down in the sand, enjoyed the sun now that we had the chance and chatted until it got a little chilly. Then we packed our stuff and took a walk on the boulevard. We stopped by a nice restaurant where there was live music. A man was singing classics while playing the piano. We ate right next to the piano, drank wine and had a really fun time. Perfect day it was!
And this is what I wore;

Blouse; Primark
Top; H&M
Shorts; used be G-star but I bleached and molested it so it unrecognizable!
Flipflops; H&M
Bracelets; Claire's / Pieces / got it from grandpa!
Ring; Bijoux Brigitte
Watch; Doortje Vintage

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