vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

New in; a lot of jewelry!

I love jewelry! A lot! Been to the city yesterday, because I needed thights (I am so clumsy!). So I bought two necklaces, 3 bracelets and two rings. I will post an outfit soon, wearing a few of these brand new beauties! And by soon, I mean in a minute! Because I wore one of the necklaces, both rings and two of the bracelets already (hihi!).

 Bracelet and ring together; H&M
Bracelet with tuquoise; Claire's
Bracelet with text on it; Claire's
Rough Necklace; H&M
Cute necklace with swallow; Claire's
Oval ring; Bijoux Brigitte
Round Ring; Zeeman (oh hell yeah! ran into it buying my thights, which I always buy at Zeeman)

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