maandag 29 augustus 2011

New in; Primark!

Dear readers,

Got some new purchases, bought at Primark. Had to work all weekend and yesterday I had to work in Hoofddorp. And one of the two Primarks in our country is placed in the mall where I had to work! So of course, on my lunch break I ate my sandwich as fast as I could and ran off to the Primark. I had ten minutes left so it was a grab-and-pay shopping session. This is what I bought:

A green bag, belt, dress, kimono, ring and a bracelet (or headband)


3 opmerkingen:

  1. lovely stuff, het wordt hoogtijd dat ik ook weer eens langsga :) xx

  2. Wauw ! That are some kickass findings you have ! I'm planning on going to Primark on 9 September... It will be my first time but I'm so excited ! Really love what you bought ! I'm going to check if they have that purse and the ring (and yes, maybe all the other stuff to :p) ! Thanks for you comment by the way ! I'm following you ;) !