woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Outfitpost; Black, red lips, golden jewels

Hi lovely readers,

My first week at school is almost over! Today I had a day filled with all kinds of college, but especially the ones where you just sit and snooze. So I wanted to wear something comfortable and warm, because I know that in college I am always freezing!

And something else I want to tell you. I have a shopping ban! Why? Because my bank account couldn't handle my blurted out shopping behaviour! Yes I am serious! Oke a ban may be too big of a word but I made a deal with myself that in the month of Septembre all I can spend on clothes, shoes and jewelry is 50 euros. And I am aware of the fact that that ain't much.
Hope I can cope haha!

And now, time for the pictures of my look of the day

Dress; Zara
Underdress; H&M
Leggings; Primark
Blazer; Bershka
Snood; H&M
Bracelets; / Claire's
Ring; Six
Nailpolish; Pieces
Watch; Doortje Vintage
Lipstick; DA
Shoes; Van Haren

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